Hangovers Don't Get Worse.

Hangovers do not get worse as we age. They only seem like they do. The fact is, as we enter our 30s and 40s we tend to drink less than we did in our 20s, and our tolerance is notable not what it used to be.

Our drinking habits change as we age. Instead of raging until all hours with a slew of cocktail concoctions, we tend to tone it down, stay in and watch Netflix, drink wine at dinner parties and stick to craft beers. When we do blow off a little extra steam, hit the hard stuff and stay out late, we feel it the next day. Bad. We are genuinely hungover, but this has little to do with age – we’re just getting soft.

One option to dodge the dreaded hangover is to start drinking more, like you did in your 20s. Come on, you’re out of practice…you’re rusty! What did you expect? You want to drink like a pro, you’ve got to drink…lots, every night. Any athlete will tell you it’s all about practice. You’ve heard of the 10,000-hour rule? Researchers claim it takes this long to get good at something, to really master a skill. So, dive in to some delirious drinking and you’ll discover those hangovers disappearing.

Or, accept the fact that your 20s are behind you. Enjoy a few beers, half a bottle of wine, maybe a bourbon and soda, scroll through Netflix and chill. Although researchers still aren’t sure what causes hangovers, they all agree they are not healthy. Your body is reacting to the alcohol and letting you know that you over did it. Drink more slowly and guzzle a glass a water between beverages. Or toss all this reasoning to the wind and blow off a little more steam, even if that means a hangover tomorrow. Memorial Day weekend is upon us so you’ll have that extra time to recover before work on Tuesday.

And don’t forget that you did get hungover in your 20s as well.