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New Patient?

No worries. We are not your old-school office. At Total Health, we understand that dental anxiety is real, and we take the “dread” out of going to the dentist. We've created a mellow, comfortable, spa-like environment for our patients, complete with aromatherapy, blankets and pillows. Our superstar team of oral experts combines modern science and clinical practice with traditional, holistic healing methods, providing a different kind of care.

Optimal Oral Health for All


Democratizing Topnotch Dentistry

Total Health Dental Care believes all patients deserve optimal oral health regardless of income or insurance benefits – our mission is to democratize excellent holistic dentistry with the latest technology and an outstanding team of hygienists, doctors and specialists.

Young Woman Listening to the Dental Hygienist about her oral health in dental exam and consultation.
Oral Hygienist Cleaning Woman's Teeth at Total Health.

Total Health Dental Care offers a variety of payment options. If you have dental insurance, exams and cleanings at Total Health have no out-of-pocket costs. For cosmetic and restorative treatments that may fall outside your insurance coverage, we will work with you to plan a payment structure.

To ensure all patients have access to the best dental care available, we developed the Total Health Dental Care Membership Program empowering the patient by cutting out the middleman with transparent, fixed costs and savings.