Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi


Dentist Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi Total Health Dental Care.

Dr. Hokmabadi is the founder and owner of Total Health Dental Care. He grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and observed firsthand the developing and burgeoning communities of technology and entrepreneurism, surrounded by innovative and creative thinkers who not only changed how we understand technology, but also the customer experience.

Dr. Hokmabadi studied at the University of California at Davis and majored in Economics and Biology. He wanted a career in medicine but was also passionate about business – he wanted to create a different type of medical practice in which patients were treated holistically and humanly combining both modern technology and ancient herbalism.

After UC Davis, Dr. H. studied dentistry at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. Upon completing his advanced degree and honing his clinical skills, he bought his first dental practice in 2006 in Oakland. For the next five years Dr. H. worked tirelessly and built a unique model of dentistry using the ideas and creativity he observed in Silicon Valley. He developed a different kind of practice, offering the patient an exceptional experience of total health through modern and holistic dentistry. In 2011 Dr. H. expanded his practice with a second office. As Dr. H. added offices throughout the East Bay, he maintained the focus on his patients, making sure they were treated competently and warmly as unique individuals.

In the true spirit of Silicon Valley, Dr. H. created Dr. H. & Co. Holistic Dental Formulas because he was fed up with the low quality and flat out toxic mouth rinses and dental products on the market. He was determined to create a line of all-natural herbal formulas far more effective than any other product on the market. Dr. H. & Co. currently sells in-office and on Amazon. Total Health Dental Care patients love Refresh, Heal and the other formulas Dr. H. offers, and our Amazon customers give us five-star reviews!

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Hokmabadi enjoys reading about holistic medicine, cooking and hanging out with his family.